*Limited Scorpio New Moon Elixir Release - Elderflower Water

$64.99 AUD
Beautiful hydration.

Sugar Free. Botanically Infused. Positively Charged.
Goods to be dispatched by Monday 23rd November 

12 X Lightly Sparkling Elderflower Water with 24 hour immersion of positively charged Blue Lace Agate. 

Made on a Scorpio New Moon. A Moon of instincts. An emotional reckoning. An opportunity to find light in the dark. A moment to own your power. A cosmic invitation to embrace the magic in mystery.

Elderflower is often used to reduce anxiety and promote skin health.

During the brewing process, spring water is filtered through
Blue Lace Agate. It invites calm, encouragement and communication
It is then lightly carbonated to add a little fizz to your lips.

Sit in your comfy chair, pour it into a beautiful glass and sip often with intention.

Sugar free
Gluten free
Cruelty free
Beauty full

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