Our Story

It all started with tea...

Samantha Manning was running a loose leaf and tea mixer business when she realised there weren’t a lot of premade drinks out there that offer the health benefits of botanicals. You either had to make something yourself, or the alternatives were packed with sugar.

The idea for Osun Sparkling was born.

At the same time, Sam was going through a spiritual shift in her life, feeling the need to slow down, be more intentional and enjoy every moment. She began meditating and experimenting with the properties of gem elixirs. They seemed to work wonders for her, so decided to integrate positively-charged crystals into her new ‘botanical baby’.

Osun Sparkling came into the world just a few short months later with a beautiful design twist and tantalising opaque colours.

Since then, things have been going crazy. Thousands of like-minded people are enjoying the benefits of Osun Sparkling, with its luxurious feel and deep connection with the self.

If you haven’t yet, pour yourself a glass, sip with intention and take some me time to enjoy the finer moments in life. To browse our offering of beautiful hydration click here.