Taurus Full Moon Mantras

Taurus Full Moon Mantras

Aries- 2ndHouse  
I am open to forging a new relationship with my finances through cleaning up my debts or combining resources for a greater balance. 
Taurus- 1stHouse 
I am open to exploring all the possibilities within me through embracing change and honouring my worth, magic, and morals. 
Gemini – 12thHouse 
I am open to making shifts in my daily routine that inspires creativity to bring me closer towards meeting my dreams. 
Cancer – 11thHouse 
I am open to welcoming friendships that offer a deep connection for something greater than my own entertainment. 
Leo – 10thHouse 
I am open to embracing my calling in life by pivoting towards a life that fulfils my heart's desires and emotional needs. 
Virgo – 9thHouse 
I am open to expanding my knowledge through challenging my beliefs, tapping into my spirituality, and higher learning. 
Libra – 8thHouse 
I am open to experiencing something greater than myself by connecting with another, sharing resources, and tapping into my intuition  
Scorpio – 7thHouse 
I am open to connecting in with others that ignite the emotional support and values that I require in partnerships. 
Sagittarius – 6thHouse 
I am open to creating a daily ritual that offers a space to check-in and ground myself when I feel like escaping. 
Capricorn – 5thHouse 
I am open to more enjoyment in life by loosening the grip on my agenda, being present in the moment and embracing my child within. 
Aquarius – 4thHouse 
I am open to creating shifts within my home life and emotional home that makes me feel safe, connected, grounded, and secure. 
Pisces – 3rdHouse 
I am open to finding laughter and the sheer value that comes from interconnection with those that are like-minded.