Create Your Calm

Create Your Calm


Hi Friends,

These are certainly strange times as we collectively self isolate trying to remain calm in the chaos about the things we can’t control.

Like many at the moment we were are working from home, trying to keep up normal routines and self care rituals to help self-isolation feel a little more normal.

Little rituals like nurturing your wellbeing, practising mindfulness, moving your body as you’re able.

Running a bath.
Burning some Palo Santo.
And remember to breathe.

On a side note, we recently welcomed our first child, Paddy into the world. We’re grateful for all this time we are spending together so to celebrate our discount code is ‘Paddy’ at the checkout. Yay for little Paddy and sippable self-care.

We are optimistic that we will come through this stronger and better together.


Love and high vibes,

Team Osun Sparkling
Sammy, Haydn, Paddy and Eleanor (our Fur child)