Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse
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Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse

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05.07.2020 13 degrees° 02:44pm AEST

The final Eclipse of this Eclipse season is upon us. A Lunar Eclipse occurs at a Full Moon when the Earth’s shadow falls upon the Moon bringing confusion between the unresolved parallels of past and present. This is an emotional ending yet a beginning, a turning point, and a shedding of layers.

One more chance to look back to profoundly move forward.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis is one of your personal life (Cancer) and your worldly ambitions (Capricorn). You have been asked to balance your heart and your head, your family, and your career. This Lunar Eclipse is wrapping up lessons of idealism and imagination vs. realism and practicality.

Tender heart-work.

Globally there is an unravelling of outdated structures and stereotypes. A new world and a new order. A feminine rising- beautifully necessary.

Take a moment to look back upon the past two years to see how far you have come yet how far you have still yet to go. During this time, your family constellations may have been rearranged. The heaviness of trying to do it all often echoing in the background.

Were you able to create material structure from dreaming the impossible dream? Can you pay homage to the creative muse and earn an income? Did you choose career over family or vice versa? Are your needs being met and ultimately do you feel secure in your inner and outer worlds.

The Capricorn Moon is one of resilience. An imminent revelation to becoming your own advocate for emotional mastery. To heal and become autonomous to let go of what needs to fall away and stretching beyond the needs of co-dependency.

We are closing off the Eclipse cycle that started in July of 2018 however in cosmic time the ripples of this energy may last up till 6 months.

You will find your way through falling down, being open to tears, healing and dusting yourself off.

But keep going.

The work I do in this life feeds my soul and those around me.

I embrace the chance to learn and to grow moving beyond the status quo.


I welcome more intimacy into the areas of my life that require stability.



I will honour my needs to be seen and heard within all relationships.



I give myself permission to indulge in self-care so that I can be of service to others.



I breathe new life into the mundane finding joy in the everyday.



I will tend to the matters of home and heart to connect with those I love.



I will dance between being the student and teacher, finding structure in higher learning.



Sharing my creative talents with others inspires new ways to make money. 



I will take a deeper look into my needs and how I wish to be seen in this lifetime.



I will listen to the ebbs and flows of my emotions as they hold an opportunity to profoundly heal. 



I will rally and connect with those that inspire and share the same ideals to invest in a greater future.