Cancer Full Moon Mantras

Cancer Full Moon Mantras

I honour the moments when I was lost, I honour the wisdom that I have learnt, I honour what needs to fall away and I honour where and how I found my “brave” during the year that everything changed.  
Aries- 4Th House
Home unit, roots, the unconscious, emotional home, family and domestic life
Taurus- 3rd House
Immediate environment, neighbours, sharing and gathering information, important conversations
Gemini- 2nd House
Security, self-worth, my resources and possessions, adaptability to keep financially afloat
Cancer - 1st House
Nurturing those that have fallen, establishment of personal identity, direction in life and sense of self
Leo– 12th House
Inner voice, death of ego, intuition, unfocused unconsciousness and spirituality
Virgo- 11th House
Friendships, social circles, hopes, humanitarian causes, and identification with one’s crowd
Libra - 10th House
Soul searching after loss, true calling, career, reputation, position in society and destiny
Scorpio- 9th House
Shifting mindset, establishment of personal worldview, beliefs, ethics and foreign landscapes
Sagittarius- 8th House
Deeply transformational, sex, intimacy, death, and the ability to survive the winter through shared resources
Capricorn-7th House
Caring for a significant other, intimate relationships, partnerships and identification with others
Aquarius-6th House
Glue that held everything together, health, routine, daily responsibilities, skills and self-sacrifice
Pisces- 5th House
Laugh, Joy, creative self-expression, children, falling in love (romance), pleasure, and finding that silver lining