Aquarius Full Moon Insights
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Aquarius Full Moon Insights

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Aquarius full moon

04.08.2020 1:58 am AEST 11° 

In the morning quiet the Moon in Aquarius will oppose the Sun in Leo illuminating the sky as your August Full Moon. She is unpredictable, revolutionary and inspiring, reminding you that freedom is found in individuality. 

Fixed oppositions, the Leo golden hues emit from the heart while the Aquarian flashes of brilliance emanate from the genius of the mind. Leo says yes to self-expression and Aquarius says yes to the truth, freeing her from societal scripts to choose her own path. She must not conform but go willingly into individuality and perfect it by being her authentic self.  

She is a rebel with wisdom never to be coerced by authority, confused by societies norms or influenced by the status quo. She innovates, she thinks outside the box, she celebrates her points of difference, and she fights for humanity with one foot firmly in tomorrow bringing forth the revolution. 

The cosmic sky is asking you to begin the core conversation around the transcendence of cultural and social programming. Change is in the air and it is not looking for approval. The Aquarian wind is here to make some noise with its unpredictability ushering in a renaissance of the spiritual kind. 

Under the full bloom sky, connect with your tribe to inspire new horizons. Be daring and question the very reason why you are getting together. Is there a cause, a common thread? Is individuality celebrated? 

Take a moment to look back into the past to see how you have grown and healed.  How do the wounds you carry pour wisdom into the hearts of others?  

And as you look out to the horizon and trace the suns shadow find your way back to your own uniqueness before everyone told you what to do. It looks beautiful on you. 


Aries: 11th House
In this season of life, it is time to join forces with others to celebrate causes that are larger than any individual to create a future I wish to live in.

Taurus: 10th House
In this season of life, I must forge ahead through the adversity of either internal or external conflicts in the pursuit of my destiny.

Gemini: 9th House
In this season of life, I will broaden my current understanding of the world through learning the unfamiliar and exploring alternatives.  

Cancer: 8th House
In this season of life, I will learn to heal tender wounds with another by merging my intuition and logical thinking.

Leo: 7th House
In this season of life, I will update the conversations within my intimate relationships to bring more life and understanding. 

Virgo: 6th House
In this season of life, I will look into ways where I can grow within my industry and move away from the status quo.

Libra: 5th House
In this season of life, spontaneous fun and creativity can help me find the spark again with my lover/children/friends.  

Scorpio: 4th House
In this season of life, I will look at alternatives when conversing with family members to allow greater understanding and healing.

Sagittarius: 3rd House
In this season of life, I’ll endeavour to gather and share information within my local community to learn, network and bond.

Capricorn: 2nd House
In this season of life, I will innovate new ways to capitalise on my strengths in regards to making money.

Aquarius: 1st House
In this season of life, I will honour the ways in which I can be my own advocate and celebrate my uniqueness. 

Pisces: 12th House
In this season of life, I will dream up new and innovative ways to bridge the gap of separation and diversity.