Crystalize Your Intentions

Positively-charged gem elixirs are said to transfer the vibration frequency of crystals into water to help elevate your energy, mood and intentions. Madame Dry brings this ancient practice to the new age with a beautiful, sugar-free drink. 


A Health Infusion

People have been drinking floral teas for centuries to aid digestion, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. We infuse the same botanicals with carbonated spring water to add a little fizz to your lips.


Botanical Beauty

Lavender and rose are used in beauty products the world over to promote hair and skin health. Their antioxidant properties are also great to ingest as part of your daily beauty regime. It’s sippable skin care!


The Soul Star Festival

The Soul Star Festival and Osun Sparkling is a collaborative movement, aligning hearts and minds. We create sacred spaces that support conscious experiences of personal transformation. Products and experiences made with intention. When you align your world with experiences and products with intention you change your vibration, you affect your reality



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